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Different types of football bets

football bets

Football is the world’s most popular sport for betting, captivating fans and punters across Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and India. However, with countless ways to bet on soccer matches, a beginner can get overwhelmed. So let’s explore some of the most common football wager types and what they mean.

Match Winner

The simplest and most straightforward bet – pick the team you think will win a football match inside 90 minutes. This is a bet on the outright result with no handicaps or margins applied. Odds are presented for Team A, Draw, and Team B. Choose the outcome you predict will happen and place your stake. If your selection wins, you win!

Correct Score

For those who want to predict the exact goal-line at fulltime, correct score bets allow selecting the score you foresee finishing. Common correct scores are 1-0 to favourites or upset results like 2-1 to underdogs, but any scoreline from 0-0 to 5-4 can be chosen. Correctly calling the score earns higher profits but is obviously tougher versus just picking the winner.

Over/Under Total Goals

Rather than teams, this bet focuses on the cumulative goals scored in a match. Bookmakers set lines like Over/Under 2.5 or 3.5 goals. Bettors wager on if they expect total goals to exceed that line or fall below it. A good bet if you expect a high or low-scoring thriller without needing to pick actual scores or results.

First Goalscorer

In every football match, betting interest surrounds who will open the scoring. Bookmakers price up odds for likely goalscorers or even defenders coming up for set-pieces. Select a player and should he score first, your bet wins! Suitable for fans backing their team’s star striker. Allows betting on exciting individual talents.

Both Teams To Score

Also called BTTS, this requires both sides to find the net for bets to cash. Often picked in evenly contested games or derbies where either team scoring seems highly probable due to attacking quality or defensive errors. Functions as a multiplier for match winner bets to increase profits if confident of goals.

Outright Futures

While individual games offer immediate excitement, futures bets allow punters predicting long-term outcomes. Common football futures include league title winners, Top 4 placings, or final tournament standings. These play out over full seasons so offer extended interest for devoted followers of leagues.

So explore these core football wager types to discover which suit your analysis, intuition or viewing enjoyment. Sharp punters combine multiple bet strategies too! As expertise develops, consider more advanced techniques like Asian handicaps. Ultimately though – back what makes watching more fun!

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