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Is it possible to make money in sports betting

how to win at sports betting

Every player who starts betting has ambitious plans to make money doing what they love. In theory, everything seems simple enough: you love sports, you think you understand it, why not get paid for it? Especially when advertising is everywhere with the main thesis that sport is predictable. Why does it seem that it is possible for a beginner to make money on sports betting, and it is easy to do so?

In fact, everything is so complicated that our main recommendation will be very short: bets are fun and entertainment, in no case should you take them as an opportunity to earn money. As in any other type of intellectual competition (trading, chess, sports poker), 5-10% achieve serious success.

And, besides, as practice shows, sports are not so predictable, and due to the bookmaker’s margin and probability theory, which limits the possibilities of any player, the prospect of earning money for a player on sports betting is minimized.

Of course, there are exceptions, but they only prove the rule. It seems to everyone that it is he who will become this exception, and such an illusion can lead to unpleasant consequences.

The trick of big wins

Each player is sure to get a big win on bets sooner or later, which can relax and break discipline in betting, which can critically affect the game bank and ultimately lead to large financial losses.How it works? If a sports bettor has carefully read our materials, he knows very well how important it is not to play all-in and to adhere to a balanced financial strategy. Big wins, as well as big losses, can unbalance any bettor and lead to rash hasty actions, big bets, playing against the bankroll, which will lead to inevitable losses.

How to minimize risks in sports betting?

Almost no one can beat the bookmaker in the long run, which is why this business exists. Most people who claim otherwise are either wrong and haven’t counted their stats or are just lying.

So it is worth talking only about ways to reduce the risk. No strategy guarantees profits, but preserves the bankroll primarily through a systematic approach.

There are some universal tips that will help any system.

Bet on what you know. If you specialize in football, you do not need to bet on hockey, basketball and other sports. Set within your competence.

Don’t chase the “sure” with low odds. Betting on favorites does not guarantee winnings. If you bet a fixed amount on odds 1.10 and she loses, you need to make ten winning bets in a row to make up for the loss.

Avoid Express. Theoretically, express bets allow you to quickly raise money on bets. In practice, this is only a surge in variance, and at a distance you will definitely be in the red. The more events in the coupon, the lower the probability of winning and the higher the margin charged by the bookmaker.

Assess the situation from the outside. Players are subject to the influence of emotions at moments when they are “not rushing”. A series of losses throws an internal challenge and there is a desire to recoup as soon as possible. In such situations, bettors make hasty and poorly reasoned decisions that lead to even greater monetary losses. Give yourself a break and either come back to betting with a cool head or don’t come back at all.

The main recommendation is to change the perception of rates. This is entertainment, not work.

Who makes money on bets?

Earnings and a stable profit on bets are for those who do it professionally. And in 90% of cases these are bookmakers. Only sometimes – professional players. There are also such people, they are called handicappers.

It is generally accepted that sports betting is an intellectual competition with elements of luck and excitement. If you managed to win, there is a reason to rejoice, and in case of a loss, it is important not to get upset and control emotions, and for this you need to bet such amounts that it is not a pity to lose.

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