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What is moneyline in betting

what does moneyline mean in betting

1X2 and Moneyline betting lines are the most common and most popular on the betting market. Often, the lines in all bookmakers begins with these lines. And all thanks to the fact that they are the easiest to understand and are very popular among players of different levels.

What is a 1X2 betting line?

The 1X2 line is a line of bets on clear outcomes, namely, the victory of the first team, a draw and the victory of the second team. The bets in such lines are indicated almost the same in all bookmakers:

1 or W1 – victory of the first team;

2 or W2 – victory of the second team;

X is a draw.

The 1X2 betting line has a fairly standard look in all bookmakers.

Odds in such lines will be set by bookmakers according to the same patterns as for other types of bets. For the victory of one or another team, the coefficient is formed depending on who is the favorite in this meeting and who is the outsider, respectively, the coefficient for the outsider will be higher than for the favorite. And the coefficient on the “Draw” bet will be inversely proportional to the probability of such an outcome of the event, i.e. the higher the probability that the teams will draw, the lower the odds will be, and vice versa.

Nuances in working with the 1X2 line

There are several dangers that can lie in wait for you in a 1X2 line.

First, the duration of the match.This means for what time this line of bets is offered: only for the main time of the match or time is taken into account, for example, for a penalty shoot-out in football – for each sport this will have its own characteristics. This kind of information is described in detail in the “Rules for accepting bets” on the website of any bookmaker and is applicable not only for bets on clear outcomes, but for all types of bets in this bookmaker.

Secondly, purely technical points. So, for example, when working with some bookmakers, you need to pay attention to the numbering of teams, because. sometimes bookmakers “flip” the teams, and after a while they change their places, because of which you can make an unfortunate mistake.

Or, if we take the Pinnacle bookmaker as an example, then there the bet on a draw is placed after bets on a clear win, although in most offices it is located in the middle.

Moneyline in bets

And what about such sports as tennis, baseball, volleyball, basketball – with all sports in which, according to the rules of the game, the meeting must end in the victory of one of the meeting parties? For such sports, bookmakers have come up with a special betting line called Moneyline. In fact, this is a line of two bets already familiar to us 1 (W1) and 2 (W2). The difference from the 1X2 line is that there is no bet on a draw in Moneyline.

Only the coefficients for the victory of the first and second players, respectively, are indicated. You have to decide which of the players you believe in the victory more, and make an appropriate bet.

However, the Moneyline line also has its exceptions.Some bookmakers set the Moneyline betting line for those sports in which a draw is still possible, respectively, they give odds for the victory of the first and second teams, and in case of a draw, they return the bet. It turns out that in this way such bookmakers equate Moneyline to a zero handicap. For example, bookmaker Pinnacle gives Moneyline for handball and hockey.


The 1X2 and Moneyline betting lines we have reviewed are the simplest betting lines. Both of these lines are similar to each other, but applicable to different sports. Recall that Moneyline is used for sports in which there is no draw.

However, even in such simple bets, you can make an offensive mistake due to inattention – pay attention to the location of bets in the line, and ignorance of the “Rules for accepting bets” for different bookmakers – be sure to read them.

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